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BeUcup is the first super soft menstrual cup made in Vietnam, designed specifically for Vietnamese women. This is an advanced product that can completely replace tampons and tampons, helping women always feel comfortable and confident in the “red light” day. BeUcup menstrual cup is made from 100% German Wacker Medical Silicon, meets US FDA standards, and is licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health.

What is a menstrual cup? It is a modern feminine hygiene product designed to replace traditional hygiene products such as tampons or tampons. The cup is designed to be funnel-shaped or like a super soft little bell. Placed in the vagina and catch menstruation in the coming “red light” days.

100% raw materials are imported from Germany (Liquid Medical Silicone). With a closed, sterile production process with strict standards between the two ends. It is the first menstrual cup product to be certified as safe by the Ministry of Health.


  • Menstrual cup BeUCup is designed for women to use during their menstrual cycle, replacing traditional tampons.
  • The product can be used by women who have had sex, women who have not given birth, and women who have given birth.

Outstanding advantage:

  • BeUcup Menstrual Cup is a new product that completely replaces sanitary napkins and tampons, provides a feeling of dryness and comfort in the red light day, without worrying about leakage.< /li>
  • It is the SOFTEST menstrual cup on the market today, with a Hardness level of up to 40.
  • BeUcup Menstrual Cup manufactured from 100% medical silicone imported from Wacker factory – The leading manufacturer of medical silicone in the world in Germany, absolutely safe for user.
  • Products meet ISO 13485 standards, licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health.
  • Super saving, only 499K/10 years compared to 6-12 million/10 years when using Tampon or Tampons.
  • Using menstrual cups is contributing to protecting the environment, reducing 300kg of waste each year from sanitary napkins.

Product Specifications

Barcode 8936184539888
Trademark BeUcup
Brand Origin Việt Nam
Where production Việt Nam

Ingredient production

Made from 100% Medical Silicone imported from Wacker factory – The world’s leading manufacturer of medical silicone in Germany.

User manual

  • Step 1: Clean the cup thoroughly with BeUMate solution.
  • Step 2: Fold your menstrual cup to the shape that suits you (C-Shape, V-Shape, or Figure 7).
  • Step 3: Place the menstrual cup in the vagina. Gently hold 2 fingers on the bottom of the cup to maintain the correct position of the folded cup. Gently insert the cup inside the vagina with the mouth of the cup in the direction of the vagina. Adjust the cup at the bottom and stem for comfort.
  • Step 4: Take out your menstrual cup after 12 hours of use. Gently squeeze the end of the cup to reduce the grip of the cup mouth on the vaginal muscle rim. Pull the cup out of the vagina in a zigzag direction slowly.
  • Step 5: Clean and reuse menstrual cups with BeUMate cup cleaner, dry the cup before reuse.

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Moon San BeUcup Super Soft Cup
Moon San BeUcup Super Soft Cup


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